IComparer gotchas

Today I was fixing mystical NullReferenceException. Based on stack trace, during list sorting using standard .Sort() method with custom comparer, .Net framework passed null object to the comparer class. Initially I thought list has null element, thus causing NullReferenceException, however it turned out to be a little bit trickier.

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Memory dumps on 64bit server

Memory dump is a snapshot of process memory written in file. They are useful in many ways to troubleshoot freezes, performance issues or crashes. To get dump manually you have to be careful if you are running 64 bit OS and your process is 32 bit.

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4K video memory requirements for Windows desktop

4K screens are becoming less exotic and not that crazy expensive these days, so I’ve purchased one. There are tons of reviews and discussion about digital interfaces, cables and video card requirements for gaming, but I had hard time trying to figure out video card requirements for desktop and finally learned it hard way: screwed my first config.

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